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Midtown Home Values: Three Out of Four Dollar Signs

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Midtown, along with its adjacent sister neighborhoods Marshall/Boulevard Park (to the north) and Newton Booth (to the South), is an eclectic area with plenty of sights and sounds. The term “Midtown” is normally used to describe the entire area above 16th Street including Marshall/Boulevard Parks and Newton Booth. An extremely walkable neighborhood with beautiful tree lined streets, this area is the perfect balance between the bustle of Downtown and the quieter outlying neighborhoods such as East Sac and Land Park.

Marshall/Boulevard Park to the North, and Newton Booth (including the small section known as Poverty Ridge adjacent to 21st Street) to the South of Midtown are primarily residential neighborhoods with some apartment complexes, duplexes, triplexes, and four-plexes peppered in amongst the single family homes. Central midtown is comprised of a larger percentage of businesses and multi family dwellings, however beautiful examples of early twentieth century architecture abound here as well. Most of the houses in these neighborhoods were built up between 1900 and 1940. Space is at a premium in Midtown, and typical lots can be as small as 3000 square feet. Lots with alley access are scarce but highly desirable due to the availability of increased parking and backyard areas associated with these lots.

Some of the beautiful older homes in Midtown Sacramento.
Some of the beautiful older homes in Midtown Sacramento
Restaurants and bars on J Street in the Midtown Sacramento neighborhood.
Some of the restaurants and nightlife on J Street in Midtown

There are a number of magnificent well maintained mansions along Capitol Avenue, also known as M Street, while the shops on J Street provide the perfect dose of retail therapy without even having to get in your car. Restaurants and bars are all over the map, and you could literally spend a lifetime sampling all the delicious food and drink Midtown has to offer. This is also one of the most bike friendly neighborhoods in Sacramento, with many bike lanes and bike racks. Between biking, walking, and Sacramento's efficient public transportation system Midtown is a very easy place to get around.

A mansion on Capitol Avenue in Midtown Sacramento.
A mansion on Capitol Avenue in Midtown
Sutters Fort in Midtown Sacramento is a nice place to relax.
Sutters Fort in Midtown Sacramento is a nice place to relax

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