Downtown Sacramento

Sacramento's City Core.

Home Values:
Downtown: Three Out of Four Dollar Signs
Alkali Flat/Mansion Flats: Three Out of Four Dollar Signs
Southside Park/Richmond Grove: Three Out of Four Dollar Signs

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The capitol building in Downtown Sacramento, California.
The Capitol building in Downtown Sacramento

Adjacent to the Sacramento River and home of California's state capitol building, the Downtown neighborhoods are the oldest and most developed parts of the city. A number of high rise buildings call downtown their home. Many of these buildings house various state departments and private businesses, and Sacramento Regional Transit light rail trains and city buses provide efficient transportation to and around this neighborhood. A number of parks are scattered throughout the neighborhood which offer some solace during a busy day at the office or some fresh air during a lazy day at home. Capitol Park has some of the oldest and largest trees in the area. Several paths criss cross the park and make for a great place to walk, rest, or meditate.

Thanks to the proximity of Old Sacramento and the numerous shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues available there as well as in Midtown the central downtown neighborhood is one of the most walkable in all of Sacramento. Parking can be scarce in downtown making this the perfect neighborhood for those who dont want or need to drive a car. Alkali Flat and Mansion Flats are to the North of downtown, and provide a more residential haven of quieter tree lined streets, as well as more parking. The downtown neighborhoods are some of Sacramento's oldest neighborhoods and as a result there are a number of historic buildings including grand Victorian's and several large mansions, and most of the structures were built around the 1910’s and 1920’s. The original Governor's Mansion is also located here.

Old Sacramento, along with the Delta King riverboat docked alongside it.
Old Sacramento and the Delta King Riverboat

The downtown area has recently benefited from a series of developments to revitalize and rebuild parts of downtown that were forgotten. The creation of the Golden One Center has sparked many redevelopments of abandoned shops and restaurants on adjacent parcels. Several vacant lots around midtown are in the process of being redeveloped into high-rise apartment buildings. And the redevelopment of the old Railyards in North Sacramento promises to bring a wealth of additional development opportunities to the table.

The US Bank Tower in Downtown, Sacramento
The US Bank Tower in Downtown
The Tower Bridge in downtown Sacramento, the gateway to downtown.
The Tower Bridge, Gateway to Sacramento

On the other side of downtown is Southside Park and Richmond Grove. Home to the largest park in Sacramento's central grid, and which contains a large man made lake, this neighborhood is similar to Alkali Flat and Mansion Flat in that it is filled with primarily residential structures, though they are for the most part more modest than some of the grander mansions found North of the downtown core. Mostly older and historic single family and 2-4 unit homes built in the 1910’s and 1920’s, and apartment buildings which sprouted up in the 1970’s are all evenly dispersed along tree lined streets throughout this neighborhood. A weekly farmers market takes place underneath the highway 50/80 overpass around 8th Street every Sunday morning which is easily walked to from the neighborhood here, and an antique fair takes place on the second Sunday of each month which is also located under the freeway, further East at 21st Street.

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