Elmhurst and Med Center Sacramento

The roads less traveled.

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Elmhurst: Three Out of Four Dollar Signs
Med Center: Three Out of Four Dollar Signs

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The sign at the entrance to the ELmhurst neighborhood in Sacramento's downtown core.
The Entrance to Elmhurst

The quiet neighborhoods of Elmhurst and the Med Center are two more great examples of the hidden gems that Sacramento has to offer. Both of these neighborhoods are infrequently traveled due to their lack of thoroughfare streets and even less talked about, however they are excellent residential neighborhoods to live in - they are quiet, friendly areas containing well maintained homes with a warm sense of community. The proximity to area freeways make the Med Center and Elmhurst a great place to live for a commuter. UC Davis Medical Center, a world renowned medical facility boasting some of the top medical professionals in the world is within walking distance from most of the neighborhood, making this the perfect haven for a student or medical professional who studies or works at the Med Center.

Elmhurst boasts one of the widest and most beautiful medians in Sacramento, along the middle of T Street, which forms the center of this neighborhood. Elmhurst has mostly larger single family homes, while homes in the Med Center are smaller and a bit more modest. Both neighborhoods sport the beautiful streets lined with mature trees that make Sacramento core neighborhoods so distinctive. Most homes were built in the 1930’s and 1940’s and as you move further East they gradually move into 1950’s vintage.

Visit the Elmhurst Neighborhood Association for more information about these neighborhoods.

The UC Davis Med Center, adjacent to the Med Center neighborhood in Sacramento's downtown core.
The UC Davis Med Center
The Coca Cola bottling plant in the Med Center, Sacramento.
The Coca Cola bottling plant in the Med Center
The UC Davis sign at the UCD Med Center in Sacramento
The UC Davis Med Center

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