Land Park Sacramento

One of Sacramento’s most sought after neighborhoods.

Land Park Home Values: Four Out of Four Dollar Signs

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The Land Park sign at the entrance to Land Park in Sacramento.
The Land Park Monument

Acres of tree lined streets with excellently maintained historic homes built mainly between 1930 and 1950 make Land Park a beautiful place to live. The neighborhood is adjacent to William Land Park, a very large park to the South which contains the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town, a favorite destination for youngsters. The neighborhood is almost completely comprised of single family homes and many affluent and influential Sacramentan’s have called Land Park home through the years. South Land Park and Hollywood Park are adjacent neighborhoods slightly to the south. Slightly more affordable, these neighborhoods, like Land Park, are great places to live.

Land Park is by far the largest park in the Sacramento downtown area. Acres upon acres of greenery await those who choose to explore it. Two thoroughfares cut through the Land Park neighborhood, Land Park Drive and Riverside Boulevard. Between and surrounding these thoroughfares historic homes and tree lined streets abound, waiting for you to call them home. Pride of ownership and community involvement are very strong in Land Park, making this one of the safest places to live in the Sacramento core region.

Visit the Land Park Community Association for more information about Land Park.

The entrance to the Sacramento Zoo in Land Park.
The Sacramento Zoo entrance in Land Park
Fairy Tale town in Land Park, Sacramento.
Fairytale Town
A typical house in Land Park, Sacramento.
A typical house in Land Park

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